Aadhaar Card Password Format - How To Open Aadhaar Card PDF File Password? (2024)

After receiving your Aadhaar card, you can print or download a digital copy. A password safeguards this digital version which is known as the e-Aadhaar card. To open the e-Aadhaar PDF file, it is imperative to enter a password. It combines the first four letters of your name in capital and your birth year. This article covers all information related to the Aadhaar card password. Keep scrolling to know more.

What Is An Aadhaar Card Password?

The e-Aadhaar card password is typically a security feature that helps in protecting your personal information in the digital version of the Aadhaar card. You can simply download your Aadhaar card online but to open this PDF format, it is imperative to provide an Aadhaar card password.

It is the combination of the first 4 letters of your name in the capital format and your year of birth. To get a clear understanding of the Aadhaar card password, consider checking the example below:

If your name is Sameer Sarkar and your birth year is 1990, then your e-Aadhaar password would be SAME1990.So after downloading the e-Aadhaar, you need to input this mentioned password to view the PDF file.

Why is The Aadhaar Card Password Required?

UIDAI keeps your e-Aadhaar file secured in a password-protected PDF. It is a security measure implemented to safeguard the privacy of your personal information. This may include your name, address and biometric information. As this PDF document is available online, making it more prone to hacking, an e-Aadhaar password is necessary. In the event, that you lose your physical Aadhaar, or mistakenly destroyed it, you can download the card online and view it by inserting the Aadhaar card password. In this manner, no one except you could access or view it without the password.

How To Open Aadhaar Card PDF File Password?

After the successful download of your e-Aadhaar, you will notice that the PDF file is password protected. To open this file, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Double-click on the PDF file to open it.
  2. Once prompted, enter the password.
  3. Enter the first 4 letters of your name in a capital format along with the year of birth in YYYY format. For instance, if your name is Alia Chaudhary, and your birth year is 1980, then the password will be ALIA1980.

What If You Forget Your Aadhaar Card PDF Password?

The Aadhaar card PDF password is a combination of your first 4 letters and birth year; therefore, it is easy to remember. The easy password format has been designed to ensure that you never forget your password. This is universal and applicable to every Indian citizen.

Benefits of e-Aadhaar Card

Here are the numerous benefits of an having e-Aadhaar card:

  • Convenience is one of the notable benefits of using an e-Aadhaar card. You can download this digital version anywhere and anytime by entering the password.
  • The Government of India is slowly integrating and linking all its information and data with the Aadhaar database. This signifies that you can use this card as a universal identity card anywhere.
  • The Indian government offers several subsidies including LPG subsidies and others. You can enjoy such benefits without any hassle by providing your Aadhaar card information.
  • Lastly, using an e-Aadhaar card is advantageous as it is virtual and not prone to theft.

How to download Aadhaar Card password?

To download an Aadhaar card, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official websitehttps://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/ and enter your Aadhaar number and captcha code.
  2. Once you receive the OTP, enter it in the field provided and click on the ‘login’ option.
  3. Select ‘Download Aadhaar’. You can also choose to download a masked Aadhaar file. After downloading the file, enter your password, which combines the first 4 letters of your first name and your birth year.
  4. Finally, you will be able to view your e-Aadhaar.

Final Word

Knowing and remembering your e-Aadhaar card password is crucial as it is something that protects your personal information. When you do not have a physical copy, you can always rely on your e-Aadhaar card to act as identity proof. However, to access it anytime and anywhere, you would be required to enter the Aadhaar password.

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Aadhaar Card Password Format - How To Open Aadhaar Card PDF File Password? (2024)


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