Mining Drill Immersive Engineering (2024)

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  • Biodiesel · Advanced Lubrication System · Large Tank · Additional Augers

  • This page is about the Immersive Engineering Mining Drill. For other uses, see Mining Drill. The Mining Drill is a tool added by Immersive Engineering. It is powered by Biodiesel, and can be filled directly from a Refinery. The Mining Drill (when crafted) does not come with a Drill Head. It needs either an Iron Drill Head or a Steel Drill Head installed. To install a Drill Head, the Mining Drill should be placed in an Engineer's Workbench, and the corresponding Drill Head should be placed in the

2. Mining Drill (Immersive Engineering) - Feed The Beast Wiki

  • The drill from immersive engineering is a multiblock structure, used to dig up minerals.

  • The drill from immersive engineering is a multiblock structure, used to dig up minerals

3. Mining Drill - Official Feed The Beast Wiki

4. 采矿机械钻(Mining Drill) - MC百科|最大的Minecraft中文MOD百科

  • 采矿机械钻(Mining Drill)资料的介绍页面,此资料来自模组[IE]沉浸工程(Immersive Engineering),我的世界MOD百科,提供Minecraft(我的世界)MOD(模组)物品资料介绍教程 ...

  • 采矿机械钻 (Mining Drill)资料的介绍页面,此资料来自模组[IE]沉浸工程 (Immersive Engineering),我的世界MOD百科,提供Minecraft(我的世界)MOD(模组)物品资料介绍教程攻略和MOD下载。

5. Open - Mining drill not showing or using Steel Drill Head - Forums

  • 17 jan 2018 · What is the bug? I crafted the mining drill in Immersive Engineering, and when I add the Steel Drill Head in the Engineer's Workbench, it goes ...

  • Summary of the problem Mining drill not showing or using Steel Drill Head Pack Version 1.2.0 What is the bug? I crafted the mining drill in Immersive Engineering, and when I add the Steel Drill Head in the Engineer's Workbench, it goes in the drill head slot, but doesn't show up on the drill...

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  • 15 jun 2020 · Grid Diamond Drill.png. Energy Consumption. Max EU Input, 32 EU/t (LV). EU Use, 50 EU/t. Per use. EU Storage, 30000 EU. Technical Details. UU ...

  • The D-765 Mining Drill is an electric tool for mining stone and ores. It has no durability and as such will never wear out, but needs to be recharged periodically. It is also used to craft the D-965 Diamond Drill.

7. 1.18.2-8.4.0-161 - Immersive Engineering - Modrinth

  • 26 feb 2023 · Immersive Engineering. Mod. Retrofuturism, industry and ... Add the Rock Softening Acid upgrade for the Mining Drill, giving it Fortune 3!

  • Download Immersive Engineering 1.18.2-8.4.0-161 on Modrinth. Supports 1.18.2 Forge. Published on Feb 26, 2023. 13858 downloads.

8. Solved - IE mining drill not accepting drill heads | Feed the Beast - Forums

  • 17 jan 2018 · ... mining level through at a speed of a wood pickaxe. Mod & Version Immersive Engineering. Version: 0.12-76. Link to log file http://paste.feed ...

  • Summary of the problem IE mining drill not accepting drill heads Pack Version 1.5.0 What is the bug? When the drill head is placed inside the drill. The drill does not update and the tooltip says that no drill head is equipped even though the drill head is in the drill. A steel drill head...

9. Core Sample Drill - Feed The Beast Wiki

  • 18 mei 2016 · The Core Sample Drill is used to determine if a mineral vein, an Immersive Engineering mechanic, is in a Chunk. Once the Core Sample Drill has ...

10. Welcome to Komatsu | Komatsu

  • Jumbo drill rigs ... Komatsu is a global leader in the supply of Japanese-engineered mining, construction, earthmoving and utility equipment in South and Southern ...

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11. The Data Analytics Revolution Transforming Mining Performance

  • Telemetry from autonomous trucks, shovels, and drill rigs can be tracked. ... Immersive Visualization Maximizes Insight Absorption. IoT infrastructure ...

  • The data analytics revolution in mining can increase productivity, lower costs, extend asset longevity, and meet ESG targets. Learn more!

Mining Drill Immersive Engineering (2024)


How to fill up a mining drill in immersive engineering? ›

The Mining Drill is a tool added by Immersive Engineering. It is powered by Biodiesel, and can be filled directly from a Refinery.

How to charge the mining drill? ›

Like any Electric Tool, it must be recharged in order to be used. It is capable of mining every mineable block, except Obsidian and Bedrock. It can also dig all shovel-related blocks. The Mining Drill can be charged in a Generator, BatBox, MFE Unit, Charging Bench or MFS Unit.

How do you drill in mining? ›

Percussion drilling methods, the rock is made to fail by means of a piston that delivers rapid impacts to the drill stem, thereby transferring energy to the drill bit. The 'blows' to the rock downhole are delivered by the bit while a rotational device ensures that the bit impacts a new rock surface with each blow.

What is a drill hole in mining? ›

The drill and blast mining, as its name would suggest, is a method of mining that begins with drilling holes into rock after careful surveying and developing a plan. Next, these holes are carefully loaded with explosives. The explosives are then detonated, causing the rock to fracture and crumble.

What is a mining drill? ›

A drifter drill, sometimes called a rock drill, is a tool used in mining and civil engineering to drill into rock. Rock drills are used for making holes for placing dynamite or other explosives in rock blasting, and holes for plug and feather quarrying. Power rock drill, mounted on a column, in operation in a mine.

How do you activate a drill? ›

Gently pull the trigger. Start drilling with a low speed. As you get further into the material, you can speed up. Once you've drilled as far as you need, put the drill in reverse.

Does mining drill work underwater? ›

This tool can be equipped and used for underwater resource gathering. It cannot be used to harvest bodies. The Mining Drill's resource output is only affected by server settings, therefore the Melee Damage of the Survivor using it will not make any difference.

How to upgrade a mining gadget? ›

To upgrade the Gadget you'll need to craft a Modification Table and which will accept your Mining Gadget on the left of the Gui which you can then Shift Click the upgrades you have crafted (Found in JEI / Creative tab) into the Gadget. Once this is done, you should see your upgrade on the Gui at the top 👍 Good luck.

How do you get diesel in immersive engineering? ›

Diesel is a fluid added by Immersive Petroleum. It is produced by processing Crude Oil in the Distillation Tower and used to produce energy with the Diesel Generator as an alternative to Biodiesel.

How do I get power in immersive engineering? ›

Immersive Engineering has few, but very distinct power generation options. For your basic power, your best bet is using a Kinetic Dynamo or a Thermoelectric Generator. The Kinetic Dynamo requires a Water Wheel, a Windmill, or an Improved Windmill.

How to reload a revolver in immersive engineering? ›

The Revolver is a ranged weapon added by Immersive Engineering. It shoots Cartridges. To load the gun, shift right-click with the Revolver in hand to open its GUI. Only one Cartridge/item can be put into each of the 8 slots.

What is the command for mining drill? ›

Mining Drill GFI

The GFI code for Mining Drill is WeaponMiningDrill. Use this command to give yourself one or more Mining Drill.

How do you charge a mining drill in Minecraft industrial craft? ›

This tool may be charged using a Generator of any kind or MFE/MFSU/BatBox. Alternatively, it can receive power from a BatPack or a Lappack. It can also be recharged by right-clicking while holding a battery (hold right-click until it fully charges).

How do you fill a chemical thrower immersive engineering? ›

Chemical Thrower is a weapon item added by Immersive Engineering mod. R-clicking with it can either benefit or harm mobs and players using different liquids as ammunition. It can be filled by R-clicking Liquid Storage Containers or by "crafting" in different machines such as Fluid Transposer.


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